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Saturday, February 10, 2007

Clean Kitchen - Tips To Get It

We always think that our kitchen is clean by the way its look. Do you know that your kitchen sink sometime is even more dirtier than your toilet bowls.

You can keep your kitchen clean with these usefull tips :-

1. Don't use rags, wipe down your counters with paper towels because when you use rags, it can cause a cross contamination. Throw away the used paper towel and remember don't use it anymore to wipe other places cause it also can cause a cross contamination.

2. Wash away any liquid residue on your trash can after you change the bin liner.

3. Check for expired item/thing inside your fridge, throw away the thing that cannot be used anymore. Wipe inside the fridge with warm water and remember to do this once a week.

4. Wipe down your sink with germicide and remove debris from the sink. Use a cleaning product that kill germs, if the product ingredients contain such as tea tree oil and chloroxylenol, use it.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Greener home

Do you want your house to be like in the air freshner as they release toxins that can prevent headaches, depressions and ear infections.

2. Don't swipe away the grass that you just cut. The grass will compose itself and left the soil nutrient for other plan. This will save you for not buying other soil nutrient.

3. Don't wash your vegetable or fruit under running water, this will cost you. What you can do is wash them in a sink or basin that fill with half water. This will save you a lot of bill for the water usage.

4. Use gas powered BBQ sets as it will burn cleaner and produce less carbon dioxide than the old-fashion charcoal and wood. It also help prevent from air pollution.